The UST Miguel de Benavides Library is housed in a six-storey building along Alberto Drive of the UST campus facing Dapitan Street. it has sixteen sections and five branch libraries which are located in different buildings inside the university. Each section/branch houses a rich collection of print and non-print materials which varies according to courses offered by the university. To facilitate better learning, it provides adequate and essential facilities such as conference hall, exhibit area, discussion rooms, individual study rooms, faculty area, gadget corner, internet stations, OPAC stations, as well as, a reader’s café where library users can grab a snack.


The Library Staff is headed by the Prefect of Libraries and Chief Librarian.


The Library's history

The University Library can be considered as the oldest in the country.


 The first seeds were planted when in the early 17th century "the founder," Fr. Miguel de Benavides and other benefactors such as Fr. Diego Soria and Hernando de Los Rios Coronel, donated their private collections for a future college. Through the history of the University other Dominicans contributed books indispensable in the education for the priesthood and other sciences.


Originally the Library was located at the University Building in Intramuros. Later, it expanded to occupy other buildings such as San Jose, San juan de Dios Hospital, etc. After the destruction of UST in Intramuros it was transferred to Sampaloc campus, Main Building.


As the collection increased with the opening of new courses, the library grew to occupy one whole wing of the ground floor of the Main Building and other rooms in the different buildings.


In 1985, the long awaited dream of an exclusive building for the library finally materialized, and on October 29, 1989, the UST Central Library Building was inaugurated. The University Library has completed its transformation from a manually operated Library to a fully automated one, and is presently engaged in the development of a virtual Library.


'The University of Santo Tomas Library is known as the Miguel de Benavides Library, after its founder Fray Miguel de Benavides, O.P. The decision was taken in time to commemorate the quadricentennial of the death of Benavides and the 400 years of existence of the library.


The University Library takes pride as it shares in the fulfillment of the University's mission; a continued commitment to serve its patrons beyond its four hundred year anniversary.



The UST Miguel de Benavides library envisions itself to be the leading academic information resource center of the Philippines by delivering world class library and information services to meet the needs of the local and international community through service excellence.



The UST Miguel de Benavides library, inspired by its model, St. Thomas Aquinas, affirms and commits itself:


  • to provide its client with timely access to a continuously expanding library collection;
  • promote interest in reading and research work among the community;
  • participate in global information exchange and community development;
  • pursue the professional advancement of its staff;
  • preserve the rich heritage of the university.



The administrative division is responsible for the effective management of the library: maintenance, supervision and projection. Planning, Finance, Personnel, Special Projects, Library Linkages and Library Services are directly under administrative division. Other services such as Technical and Readers also fall within the responsibility of the Administration.


The Library presently has a staff of fifty nine (59): three (3) library administrators, thirty (30) professional librarians and twenty six (26) support staff. There are also eighty (80) San Lorenzo Ruiz scholars working in three shifts of four hours.





Rev. Fr. Angel Aparicio, O.P.



Rev. Fr. Gaspar Sigaya, O.P.

Assistant to the Prefect


Ms. Maria Cecilia D. Lobo

Chief Librarian


Rev. Fr. Angel Aparicio, O.P.

Rev. Fr. Gaspar Sigaya, O.P.

Ms. Maria Cecilia D. Lobo

Ms. Narcelita Lane T. Olamit

Ms. Raquel B. Lontoc

Library Council





Technical Services


Ms. Anna Rita L. Alomo-Murillo, Head Librarian

Ms. Rosemary B. Balbin, Gifts & Exchange Librarian



Ms. Narcelita Lane T. Olamit, Head Librarian

Ms. Lucila B. Adriano, Cataloguer

Mr. Lejempf V. Flores, Cataloguer




Readers Services


Mr. Jonas T. Sahagun, Head Librarian

Civil Law


Ms. Lady Catherine R. De Leon, Head Librarian



Ms. Sabina C. Viernes, Head Librarian

General Circulation


Ms. Raquel B. Lontoc, Head Librarian

Ms. Kaori B. Fuchigami, Asst. Head Librarian

General Reference & Information


Mr. Edward H. Puzon, Head Librarian

Graduate School


Mr. Symon Lagao, Assistant Head Librarian for Digitization

Ms. Ginalyn M. Santiago, Assistant Head Librarian for Restoration



Ms. Juanita D. Subaldo, Head Librarian



Ms. Chona M. Facundo, Head Librarian



Ms. Leonila M. Manuel, Head Librarian



Ms. Marivic G. Usita, Head Librarian

Ms. Kristi Ma. Fevie V. Macasaet-Recinto, Asst. Head Librarian

Science & Technology


Ms. Nora M. Matawaran, Head Librarian

Ms. Marissa A. Chua, Asst. Head Librarian



Ms. Arlene P. Matias, Head Librarian

Ms. Chiara Maye N. Santiago, Asst. Head Librarian

Social Sciences



Branch Libraries


Ms. Michelle M. San Gabriel, Head Librarian

Ecclesiastical Faculties Library


Ms. Mercy C. Bano, Head Librarian

Ms. Marjorie Irish A. Suarez, Asst. Head Librarian

Health Sciences Library


Mr. Maynard M. Vitug, Head Librarian

Education High School Library


Ms. Elein G. Caguite, Head Librarian

Ms. Marilou G. Palermo, Asst. Head Librarian

Junior High School Library


Ms. Lourdes Fatima C. Ramos, Head Librarian

Ms. Rose Anne Camille C. Dionisio-Galang, Asst. Head Librarian

Mr. Jonathan P. Futalan, Librarian

Senior High School Library


Ms. Charlita T. Pangan, Librarian

General Santos Library






Administrative Office


Ms. Ma. Arleen M. Abad

Ms. Jenelyn D. Aninao


Technical Services


Ms. Dolores E. Morante

Ms. Rowena S. Del Meda

Mr. Manuel Angelo R. Guinto II



Mr. Rafael A. Travilla

Mr. Enrique A. Gestiada, Jr.



Mr. Christian P. Barlan, Network Technician

Mr. Joel T. Palangan, Computer Technician

Information Technology


Readers Services


Mr. John Gabriel A. Agunod

Civil Law


Ms. Ma. Serena A. Alejo



Ms. Lilibeth R. Cardenas

Ms. Bernardita M. Dela Vega

General Circulation


Mr. Bryan Jay R. Billones

Ms. Ma. Theresa A. Milabo

General Reference & Information


Ms. Michelle P. Pacencia

Graudate School


Ms. Madelyn R. Perez

Mr. Nemesio D. Magtaan



Ms. Demetria L. Estudillo



Ms. Lucy M. Bermudez

Science & Technology


Mr. Cristen E. Borgonia



Ms. Elma L. Nagorite

Social Sciences


Branch Libraries


Ms. Jasmin J. Mangona

Ecclesiastical Faculties Library


Ms. Perla R. Martin

Ms. Devine Abegail G. Gabayan

Health Sciences Library


Ms. Annabelle G. Lauro

Junior High School Library


Mr. Karl Leo G. De La Rama

Mr. Ian Gilbert M. Magpantay

Mr. John Paul C. Orbista

Mr. Jomar C. Tolentino

Senior High School Library


Ms. Karen Joy A. Cabaluna

General Santos Library

Friends of the Library

Friends of the Library is a group of dedicated supporters whose purpose is to help and promote the interest of the Benavides Library. The Friends do this through fund-raising and volunteer activities.


Duties of the Friends of the Library:


  • promote the love for reading and encourage research
  • help build the Library's collection
  • contribute to the Library's programs
  • sponsor special events
  • raise funds
  • encourage gifts and contributions to the library and fostering planned giving and endowments



  • The circular shape of the Seal expresses the Holistic Mission & Vision of the Library.
  • The Human Figure at the center symbolizes the character of the Dominican Order focused on the book.
  • The Star above signaling truth.
  • The Sun is used to symbolize the radiant light shed by the patron of the University, St. Thomas Aquinas.
  • The Rays emitting from the Sun show the different Branches/ Departments as well as the vast collections of books and journals found in the Library.
  • The Laurel Wreath uniting the images at the center has always been connected to knowledge and excellence, which are parts of the Library's objectives.


Library Users


The Library users are University students, faculty members, administrators, staff members, hospital employees, alumni and off-campus researchers. These users

should present their valid digital ID for the current semester.


Courtesy in the Library

The Library is a place for study and research. Your cooperation to maintain a quiet, orderly and clean environment is very much appreciated.


All library users are requested to observe the following:


  • Books are to be used properly. Leaning, writing on them must be avoided. Mutilation of any library property is strictly prohibited. Anyone found guilty of such act will be subjected to disciplinary action.
  • Staying or loitering around the library corridors, talking aloud, smoking, sleeping and littering are strictly prohibited.
  • Food and drinks including covered beverages are not allowed inside the Library. These are only permitted at the Reader's Café located at the ground floor.
  • Cellular phones, laptops and music players are permitted in the Library, however, they must not disturb other library users.
  • Urgent phone calls should be made outside the library.
  • Courtesy must be practiced in the library especially when borrowing or returning books or other library materials
  • Honesty is expected of all library users.



Dress Code

All library users are requested to observe proper dress code. Persons wearing the following will not be allowed inside the library:TOPS - tank top, crop top, spaghetti straps, sando/sleeveless undershirt, see-through top, plunging neck line, and backless; BOTTOMS - skirt or dress (more than 3 inches above the kneecap), any type of shorts, and see-through bottoms; FOOTWEAR - Slippers.





Library materials to be photocopied should be issued and properly received. Photocopying forms must be completed including barcode number and should be submitted to the photocopying personnel. The following materials cannot be photocopied:


  • rare materials
  • General Reference collection
  • mimeograph sheets
  • manuscripts
  • bound newspapers
  • pamphlets
  • theses
  • dissertations and;
  • those that are published prior to 1950

*Only UST faculty members, graduate students (Graduate School, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, Faculty of Civil Law, and Ecclesiastical Faculties) and Off-Campus graduate students are allowed to photocopy theses/dissertations for a maximum of 15 pages per thesis/dissertation.


Downloading and Printing

The Internet station accepts requests for printing and downloading for a fee. Only documents from e-mail will be accepted for printing. The requesting party may get the downloaded/printed file/s on the date and time specified in his/her request.


Printing Charges:

- Laser Jet

    (plain text) - P5.00 per page

    (text with graphics) - P10.00 per page



To maintain its role as a public provider of information, Internet stations are available at the ground floor and second floor of the library. These stations aside from internet terminals available in the different sections and branch libraries can be used free of charge.


The following rules apply to all Internet terminal users:


  • Students are required to submit their validated school ID or library permit.
  • Internet terminal may be used for web - based e-mails, data searches and retrieval for academic and research purposes only.
  • Computer use is limited to one (1) hour per session, per person. Another one-hour session is allowed to the same user but not on consecutive time.
  • Sessions per class may be requested prior to the intended time.
  • Accessing sites, which are not research-related, is strictly prohibited including chatting, games, entertainment, and the like.
  • Copyrighted information may not be used or sold unless the right to do so has been purchased from the owner of the data.
  • Computers are shut down 30 minutes before the Library closes.
  • Internet users who violate these rules will be subjected to disciplinary action.



Download Lost and found guidelines



Patron Type

No. of Items



Priory of St. Thomas Aquinas (UST)/Academic and Administrative Officials/Academic Staff

20 books

1 week

Renewable 3x

Graduate Students

15 books

1 week

Renewable 3x

Under Graduate/High School Students

10 books

1 week

Renewable 3x

Support Staff

10 books

1 week

Renewable 3x

  • All UST borrowers must present valid digital ID and the book/s for proper issuance.
  • Inspect the book/s you wish to borrow for missing/mutilated pages.
  • Borrowers are required to return the books on the exact due date to avoid overdue fines.



Faculty Members Special Borrowing Privileges


A faculty member may authorize a representative to borrow materials for him/her by presenting to the Circulation section the following:


  • a letter duly signed by the faculty member designating his/her authorized representative
  • the UST digital ID of the faculty


The faculty member is responsible for all materials issued under his/her name.


Extended loan period may be granted to a faculty member during semestral break/summer vacation provided he/she keeps track of due dates.


Renewing Library Books


  • Personally at the Circulation Section
  • By phone (3-406-1611 loc. 8384, 8817, 3-406-1617)
  • On library personal account (OPAC)


The following are not to be renewed:


  • new acquisitions
  • in-demand books
  • overdue books
  • books that have been reserved by another user
  • books that are not due soon enough to be eligible for renewal


**reserved books at the Civil Law section are strictly for overnight use only.


Library Fines


  • Over due books will be charged Ten Pesos (Php 10.00) per book per day exclusive of Sundays, holidays, suspension of classes, and lockdown periods.


Lost Library Item


  • If an item is lost, the library should be notified immediately.
  • All library patrons are responsible for the replacement of the lost items plus the accumulated overdue fines.
  • Lost books must be replaced with the same title, edition and author.
  • If the patron found the book after being declared or reported lost and returns it, and if the book is in acceptable condition, the patron will be required to pay only the accumulated overdue fine. Lost book should be replaced within a week after it has been reported lost.
  • Processing fee of Two Hundred Pesos (Php 200.00) will be added to the cost.
  • Brokerage/shipping fee of Five Hundred Pesos (Php 500.00) is added for books purchased abroad.


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Miguel de Benavides Library



Miguel de Benavides Library

España, Sampaloc, Manila, Philippines 1008

Tel: +63-2-8731-3034

Fax: +63-2-8740-9709




Miguel de Benavides Library

España, Sampaloc, Manila, Philippines 1008

Tel: +63-2-8731-3034

Fax: +63-2-8740-9709



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