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3rd floor, Miguel de Benavides Library

The Law Library serves the legal information and research needs of faculty members, students, and other qualified researchers of the UST community as well as researchers outside UST who require access to its collections.




With approximately 18,000 volumes of print materials, mostly on Philippine jurisdiction, the Law Library’s collection of primary and secondary sources covers vast subject areas on Philippine law supported by thousands of volumes of foreign and international legal materials.


Additionally, the collection includes approximately 2,000 bound volumes of foreign and local serials, including post-war volumes of the Official Gazette from 1946 up to present.


Available on DVD-ROM format is the Lex Libris Series – Philippine Law Library, a comprehensive compilation of full-text of law related materials as well as the Philippine Law Encyclopedia, a comprehensive compilation of Philippine statutes, laws, presidential issuances, administrative issuances, treaties and international agreements, with in-depth and up-to-date analyses and annotations of over 5,000 resources.


Also available is MyLegalWhiz, an online database of curated and annotated Philippine legal content accessible on campus or via remote across all platforms – tablets, smartphones, laptops, and desktops.


4th floor, Miguel de Benavides Library

Housed in the Filipiniana Section are the rich collection about the Philippines and the University of Santo Tomas dated 1945 up to present. The Filipiniana Section is located at the 4th Floor of the Library, however, Filipiniana Serials are integrated with the Periodical Collection at the Serials Section (6th floor).


Scope and Nature of the Filipiniana Collection

• All book publications about the Philippines, its people and culture, regardless of author, imprint, and language.

• Generally, works written by Filipinos except theses and dissertations.

• Books written in Pilipino/Filipino and other Philippine languages and local dialects.

• Philippine government publications and yearbooks, except publication by Philippine corporate bodies, the subject matter of which does not have anything to do with the Philippines.

• UST Publications


The Filipiniana Rare Books (copyrighted 1945 below) are housed at the Antonio Vivencio del Rosario Heritage Library located at the 5th  floor of the Miguel de Benavides Library. CD's on Filipiniana are housed at the Multimedia Room in the Science & Technology Section 2nd floor.


Books in the Reserve Area are for Room Use Only.



Ground floor, Miguel de Benavides Library

Circulation Section is where centralized borrowing and returning of library materials take place. Students can borrow library materials even without the assistance of library staff by using the Self-check machine which can be found adjacent to the section. For first time users of the machine, assistance of a librarian is needed.


Other Functions of this section are :

  • Processing of overdue , renewal and lost book
  • Payment of overdue fines and other library fees
  • Approves/issues clearance for faculty and students
  • Approves clearance for honorable dismissal and dropping forms
  • Issues overdue notices to borrowers
  • Prepares statistics of library users


Ground floor, Miguel de Benavides Library

Located on the ground floor is the General Reference and Information Section. It takes charge of the orientation, tours and lectures and processes library permits for alumni, reviewees and off-campus researchers. The printed collection of the Reference Section includes encyclopedias, dictionaries, almanacs and yearbooks. It also houses varied collections of cartographic materials. In addition, it has in its collection more than 2,000 maps.


General Reference collections include the following:


  • Encyclopedias
  • Dictionaries
  • Atlases
  • Gazetteers
  • Biographical Directories
  • Almanacs
  • Yearbooks



3rd floor, Miguel de Benavides Library

This section is exclusive to the students of the UST Graduate School, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, Faculty of Civil Law, and Ecclesiastical Faculties. However, it also caters to the needs of non-UST researchers such as graduate students, faculty and other professionals who are immersed in research work. UST undergraduate and senior high school students may also have access provided that they submit a request letter noted by their thesis adviser (please see the Rules for UST Undergraduate and Senior High school Students).

This section has two areas:


I. Thesis Room


It houses theses collection that is restricted for Room-use-only and consists mainly of master’s theses and doctoral dissertations successfully defended by the students of the UST Graduate School and Ecclesiastical Faculties of the various programs offered.


II. Research/Reading Room


This area offers access to thirteen (13) computer units with Internet connection and forty-eight (48) individual study carrels intended for study and research.


Other facilities available in the Section are the following: free wireless Internet access; area for laptop users, and spacious reading tables.



*Note: Off-campus undergraduate and senior high school students are not allowed to access the Thesis Room


1. Make a typewritten request letter (in a short bond paper) address to:



Head Librarian

Graduate School Section

UST Miguel de Benavides Library


2. Indicate in the letter the following:


a. Date of research ( including the time, day/s )

b. Name of researcher/s

c. Course, major, year and section

d. Subject of research

e. Purpose

f. Call numbers of theses to be used


3. Submit two (2) copies of the letter (the receiving copy and the section copy).


4. Have the letter signed or noted by your Professor/Thesis Adviser.


5.   Include the following in the letter: (beside the signature of your professor)


Approved by:




Head Librarian

Graduate School Section


6. Barcoded and validated student ID is required.


7. Photocopying of thesis (including capturing of pages thru camera phone and other reprographic equipment)is not allowed.


8. Research schedule: Monday to Friday; 8am to 5pm (except during preliminary and final examination periods).


9. Only three (3) students per group are allowed to use the Thesis Room for a maximum of one (1) hour per day.


10. Upon entry, students will be asked to fill up logbook, to surrender IDs and their belongings including smartphones and other gadgets with camera. Only items needed for research including paper, pen or laptop will be brought inside the Thesis Room.


11. The first table is reserved for undergraduate and senior high school students.


12. Students are not allowed to get thesis from the shelves.


13. Return the theses that you have used to the staff at the counter.


14. Please observe courtesy in the library.



• A maximum of fifteen (15) pages per thesis/dissertation is allowed.


• Before photocopying any thesis/dissertation, please be reminded that you are required to fill up the photocopying form available at the library counter and have it signed by the library staff in charge together with the rubber stamp signature of the section head.


• Photocopying station for theses/dissertations is located at the second floor.


• Undergraduate and senior high school students are NOT allowed to photocopy any thesis/dissertation.


Please get your carrel number at the counter. Submit your UST ID to the staff in charge.


• When going out of the library building, please get your UST ID at the counter and replace it with one valid ID; upon return, please surrender your UST ID again.


• If the carrel is unoccupied for 2 hours, the slot will be given to other patron. Items left may be claimed at the counter.



IMPORTANT: Please do not leave your belongings unattended.




5th floor, Miguel de Benavides Library

Humanities Section houses books in the field of Humanities such as the Arts, Philosophy, Languages, Mass Communication, Broadcasting, Journalism, Photography and Fiction. Aside from the huge collections available, there are two special corners in the section; (1)The "Esquinita de Quijano de Manila" wherein the personal collections of the late national artist and UST alumnus, Nick Joaquin are stored; and (2) a specially designed small carpeted area where the Fiction books are located. These two areas are comfortable spaces for students to use when they need time to themselves, a quite place to read or a "hang out" space where they can relax while reading.


Ground floor, Miguel de Benavides Library


The musical pieces of world-renowned classical composers may be found at the Music Section. Its music collections are available on musical scores, cassette tapes, phonodisc and compact discs.


Listening area has been installed and the following equipment namely;  piano is provided for sight-reading of musical pieces only, phonodisc  and CD player are available for library users.



4th floor, Miguel de Benavides Library

This section caters to the academic needs of college students in their theology courses. It contains almost 9,000 volumes and more than 5,000 titles.



The collection of the Religion Section includes philosophy, theology, religion, books on principles and teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas.



2nd floor, Miguel de Benavides Library

It caters primarily to the research needs of students and faculty members of the College of Science, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Pharmacy, Institute of Information and Computing Sciences and other departments. The patrons can access the different materials of the Pure and Applied Sciences. A satellite internet station, faculty area, consultation room, two discussion rooms, and multimedia room are likewise located in this section.


6th floor, Miguel de Benavides Library

This section provides a big collection of bound volumes of general and periodical literature. Newspapers published from 1937 to 1989 are in printed form, while those published from 1990 are available on microfilm. Newspapers for the current year are still available in printed format. Researchers who want to access the microfilms may use the four microfilm reader & one microfilm reader-printer for those who wish to print pages from the microfilm.

The Current Serials Section provides recent issues of general and professional periodical literature in local and international publication.


3rd floor, Miguel de Benavides Library

In terms of the number of printed books, the Social Science section has the biggest collection among all the sections in the Library. In fact, it currently holds more than 63,000 volumes of books and the collection is regularly being updated to meet the ever-changing needs of clientele for a more accurate and relevant information.


In addition to Circulation books loanable depending on the patron type, the Social Science has holdings of reference books (e.g. subject encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks, yearbooks and biographies) and reserved books that may be photocopied or read within the Library premises only.


The Reading area, can accommodate up to 296 individuals. If one wants to do independent study, there are 72 carrels ready for use.



5th floor, Miguel de Benavides Library

The Spanish section's main objective is to preserve books and periodicals on spanish art, literature and culture as well as books written in Spanish.


*Opens from Monday to Friday, 8:00am - 12:00nn and 1:00pm - 5:00pm.


2nd floor, Miguel de Benavides Library

The Technical Section is one of the three major units of the UST Miguel de Benavides Library. Though behind-the-scenes activities are undertaken here, it is the fundamental and backbone service of the Library. The section is primarily responsible for the collection development, maintenance and the logical organization of library materials for the benefit of the information seeker. It is divided further into two sub-sections: Acquisitions and Cataloging. Respective modules from Sierra library system are being used by the Acquisitions and Cataloging Sections.


*Opens from Monday to Saturday, 8:00am - 12:00nn and 1:00pm - 5:00pm.

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