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Data Privacy Information for Library Users


The UST Miguel de Benavides Library (UST Library) is committed to protecting the privacy of our clientele, staff, donors, and other contacts. It is the policy of the UST Library that information collected from its stakeholders be stored, maintained, and used by the UST Library only for appropriate, necessary, and clearly defined purposes, and that such information be controlled and safeguarded in order to ensure the protection of personal privacy to the extent permitted by law.


To be consistent with data protection laws, we ask you to take a moment to review the key points in this privacy policy. By availing of the UST Library services, you consent to the use of your data under this privacy policy.

Information We Collect

It is the UST Library’s goal to identify its users by gathering only the necessary personal information, which includes the following: a) Name b) UST ID number c) Patron Type d) Faculty/College/Institute/Department affiliation e) Degree Program f) Year level g) Home address (optional) h) Email address i) Contact number.

Why We Process Your Data

To receive library privileges, it is necessary that the UST Library has access to your personal information. Information you provide will only be used for the following purposes: a) creating/updating library account; b) accessing the library resources and services; c) communicating library related matters; d) generating statistical reports.

How We Use Your Data

We may use your personal information to contact you on matters pertaining to your library privileges. We also conduct data analytics of library users’ data and compare aggregate data with those of previous terms or academic years to compare trends. These aggregate analyses do not identify you individually.

How We Share Information

The UST Library will use, disclose, or share your personal information only for library related purposes, like: a) notifying the Office of the Dean and Office of the Registrar regarding library accountability; b) promoting the library and improving its services; and c) generating reports to library benefactors. We may need to share your data when it is required by law.


We may likewise share your data if required by regulatory agencies or by local and international accrediting agencies.

Your Choices and Obligations

You have the option not to grant use of your personal information for library related purposes by unticking the option below. By doing so, you may not be able to maximize the use of the library services.


You have the obligation to ensure the completeness and accuracy of all information provided to the UST Library. Provision of fraudulent information, if proven to be deliberate, may prevent you from receiving library privileges.

Other Important Information

The UST Library conducts regular monitoring to ensure compliance with the principles outlined in this policy. Library users who have questions or concerns regarding this privacy policy may contact the Personal Information Controller, Office of the Chief Librarian.


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