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The University Library can be considered as the oldest in the country. The first seeds were planted when in the early 17th century "the founder," Fr. Miguel de Benavides and other benefactors such as Fr. Diego Soria and Hernando de Los Rios Coronel, donated their private collections for a future college. Through the history of the University other Dominicans contributed books indispensable in the education for the priesthood and other sciences.

Originally the Library was located at the University Building in Intramuros. Later, it
expanded to occupy other buildings such as San Jose, San juan de Dios Hospital, etc. After the destruction of UST in Intramuros it was transferred to Sampaloc campus, Main Building.

As the collection increased with the opening of new courses, the library grew to occupy one whole wing of the ground floor of the Main Building and other rooms in the different buildings.

In 1985, the long awaited dream of an exclusive building for the library finally materialized, and on October 29, 1989, the UST Central Library Building was inaugurated. The University Library has completed its transformation from a manually operated Library to a fully automated one, and is presently engaged in the development of a virtual Library.

'The University of Santo Tomas Library is known as the Miguel de Benavides Library,
after its founder Fray Miguel de Benavides, O.P. The decision was taken in time to
commemorate the quadricentennial of the death of Benavides and the 400 years of existence of the library.

The University Library takes pride as it shares in the fulfillment of the University's
mission; a continued commitment to serve its patrons beyond its four hundred year