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1. UST Researchers Requirements Library Fee 
Academic &
Administrative Officials      
Valid digital ID card N/A
Faculty and Staff Members Valid digital ID card N/A
Graduate & Undergraduate Students Valid digital ID card &
request letter available at
the Heritage Section    

    Note: The library fee also entitles the researcher to use other library sections of the Miguel de Benavides Library.

2. Off-campus researchers  Requirements Library Fee
Enrollees in Masteral
& Doctoral studies
Valid ID card
Referral letter
(include list of materials
to be used) one (1) 2x2 photo 
Writers of books
or research papers
Valid ID card
Letter of request
(include list of materials
to be used) one (1) 2x2 photo
Alumni Valid UST Alumni card
Letter of request
(include list of materials
to be used) one (1) 2x2 photo


  1. Visit LORENZO, the UST Library web catalog at http://ustlib.ust.edu.ph/.
  2. Use the Advanced search option and limit searching by location. Choose only the AVdR Heritage Library. List down the materials that will be used. Copy the author, title, call number, and date.
  3. Another way to search is through the use of the Scoping Module where you can limit your search by clicking the Rare Collections instead of viewing the entire collection.
  4. Request for the use of the Library and its collections should be addressed to:
    Rev. Fr. Angel A. Aparicio, O.P.
        Prefect of Libraries
        E-mail address: aaaparicio@mnl.ust.edu.ph

    Ms. Estrella S. Majuelo
        Chief Librarian
        E-mail address: esmajuelo@mnl.ust.edu.ph

        Fax no. (632) 740-9709
        Tel. Nos.: (632) 731-3034 / (632) 406-1611 loc. 8340

  5. For UST Graduate and Undergraduate Students:
    Secure request letter from the Antonio Vivencio del Rosario Heritage Library (5th floor) or from the General Reference and Information Section (Ground floor).
  6. For Off-Campus Researchers:
    Include in the letter the following:
    1. Purpose of Visit
    2. Exact date of visit
    3. Subject of research
    4. List of materials to be used
    5. Researcher's contact numbers
  7. The request letter is only valid for one academic semester. Researchers who would like to continue consulting the library collection on the same research topic are required to submit a new request letter.
Rules and Regulations:
  1. Upon entrance to the Heritage Library:
    1. in-campus researchers: submit valid ID card
    2. off-campus researchers: pay the required library fee at the General Reference & Information Section at the ground floor of the Library and submit valid ID card to secure a Visitors Pass. Proceed to the Heritage Library.
  2. For first time researchers, fill-up the Researchers data form and submit one 2 x 2 picture.
  3. Deposit all items not essential to research at assigned locker of the Section.
  4. Photocopying of rare and fragile print materials is not permitted.
  5. For reproduction of rare print materials through digital imaging and/or reprinting, permission of the Prefect of Libraries or the Chief Librarian is needed and payment of the required reprographic services fee.
  6. Materials cannot be brought out of the Heritage Library.

  7. A maximum of three (3) titles or six (6) volumes may be consulted per visit except in cases where the size or the value of material requires individual or single use.
  8. Observe proper handling of library materials. In some cases, the researcher may be required to use gloves.
  9. Only pencil is to be used when taking notes. Researcher may also use his own laptop inside the library.
  10. Food and drinks are prohibited in the library.

    photocopying Monday-Saturday
    8-12nn; 1-5pm
    P2.00 per page
    scanning Tuesday-Saturday
    8-12nn; 1-5pm
    P10.00 per page
    CD-R (P20.00) optional
    CD-RW (P60.00) optional

    Guidelines on Photocopying:
    1. Photocopying of books and journals from other library sections may be done at the Heritage Section, especially during semestral breaks.
    2. Photocopying of maps and slightly damaged books or journals requiring utmost care in handling, must be done at the Heritage Section.
    3. The requesting party must present a duly accomplished photocopying form to the library staff before photocopying and then return the material in its respective section.

    Guidelines on Scanning Services:
    1. The scanning of books, journals, maps and other print materials must be done at the Heritage Section.
    2. All files must be stored only in a blank compact disc (CD). The requesting party may bring his own blank CD or purchase from the Heritage Section.
    3. The requesting party may get the scanned files on the date and time specified in his request.

  3. RARE PRINT MATERIALS: The reprographic services for rare print materials provide researchers with a digital and/or printed format of "fragile yet useful collections" of the library.

    hard copiesof digitized print material Php20.00 per page (letter size only) Php20.00 per page (letter size only
    document delivery total cost of
    hard copies
    + postage
    total cost of
    hard copies
    + postage
    (soft copy only)

    sent thru email
    Php200.00 per
    image (300dpi)
    $30.00 per
    image (300dpi)
    stored on a CD
    total cost of
    photographs +
    amount of CD +
    postage (if the
    copies will be
    sent by mail)
    total cost of
    photographs +
    amount of CD +
    postage (if the
    copies will be
    sent by mail)
  1. Soft copies of photographs: a maximum of five may be allowed to be sent thru e-mail; large files should be stored in a blank CD.
  2. Payments shall be made prior to the completion and delivery of the request. In the case of postal and email transactions, a billing statement and/or quotation shall be sent to the requesting party prior to the payment.
Mode of Payment:
  1. Local and foreign transactions: full payment shall be made upon request. Payments can be made in cash or check.
    1. Wire Transfer remit to:
      Name of Account: University of Santo Tomas
      Account No.: 0154-0068-77
      Bank Name: Bank of the Philippine Islands
                          Espaa-UST Branch
      Bank Address: Espaa cor. Moret St., Sampaloc, Manila, Philippines
      Bank Code: BOPIPHMM
      Routing No.: 005873
      Indicate: Miguel de Benavides Library Document Delivery Service
      Please add $7.50 for local bank charge

      Note: All bank charges including local bank charges are for the account of sender. Please fax a copy of the remittance document to the UST Miguel de Benavides Library Fax # (632)7409709 or email a scanned copy of the same to library@mnl.ust.edu.ph
    2. Western Union Send remittance to UST c/o FR. MANUEL ROUX, O.P.
      IMPORTANT: After processing, email the following information: MCTN No.,
      Date remitted, Amount remitted and Name of Sender to the UST Miguel de
      Benavides Library library@mnl.ust.edu.ph